Powerful Tool To Represent Your Business.

The deployment module is a powerful admin dashboard tool especially build for game owners. The tool comes with alot of great features.

With all the features you need

Advanced Statistics

Get a view on our advanced reports for your transactions, player events and more.

Powerful Admin

Manage all your deployed games from one place with our new admin api class.

Security Updates

Our engineers keep your server secure applying their security updates. (*only included in Pro packages)

Get a better experience when running your games

Easy to manage

Install with one single click any available game template.

Automatic updates

The tool is served with an automatic updater service which keep your module and deployed games always to the latest stable version.

Multi hosting panel support

We thinked about everyone and the tool is ready to be used with Plesk, cPanel, VestaCP. You can aswell do a manual deployment if you dont use any of the listed panels

List of supported games

You can find below the list of game templates that are currently supported by the deployment module

Best packages to start your business

We try to make no difference between packages offered to our customers. However, we will provide assistance only to Pro packages

Pro Pack

  • Access all games
  • Automatic updates
  • Unlimited deployments
  • Support for default features
  • + Installation of the tool

Starter Pack

  • Access all games
  • Automatic updates
  • Limited to 3 deployments
  • 100% Self managed